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Coaching & Cardio

CTC has partnered with a couple of coaching academies and coaches to ensure that a variety of coaching programmes are run at CTC, catering for all playing abilities and most importantly catering for the needs of the tennis player themselves.

Whether you are a beginner looking to become a good club player, or wanting to be a tournament player, CTC is able to cater for all your tennis needs.

In addition, the coaches are also able to coach beach tennis as we have a number of top beach tennis players making use of the facilities.

CTC is also happy to add the Cardio Tennis programme to respective programmes on offer and will have Cardio tennis session taking place both on court and the beach tennis court.

JL’s Tennis Academy

The collective visions of “Tennis for Everyone” and “Dream, Believe and Achieve” works well with the new vision of CTC where we would like to be able to offer programmes for all levels of playing ability (from beginner to high performance). In doing so, CTC has provided the platform to JL’s to further expand their ever growing academy in the Centurion area.

CTC and JL’s will be relooking at various coaching and membership packages that we can present to the members by showing the mutual benefit of being a member of CTC, while at the same time having access to world class coaching programmes and professional club management with innovative ideas for the member.

Resident Coach, Erick de Jaeger is available to help with lessons. Further information about coaching at CTC can be obtained by contacting Erick on


Andri Tiran

Andri Tiran Tennis Academy does all types of tennis coaching for all ages & levels of players at schools & clubs. Clubview Tennis Club, Laerskool Louis Leipoldt, Centurion High school, Copperleaf Country Estate. We help schools & clubs to build tennis teams and develop structures to support the school and improve the sport in general at our schools with quality coaching. All are coaches are registered & qualified.

Andri is a former African Cup Player, SA High School Player & Vice-Chairman on Gauteng North Coaches Committee.

Please feel free to contact Andri for tennis or beach tennis enquiries.

Andri Tiran: 082 479 4428 /

Andri Tiran

Celeste Riddick Claassen – Cardio Tennis

Celeste Riddick Claassen is the head coach of Riddick Tennis. She has been coaching since 2001; and is a qualified Professional tennis coach. Passionate about her sport she loves to keep herself updated by attending courses and studying even further in tennis specific movement. Last year Celeste attended the World Wide Coaches conference in Bangkok with over 600 coaches from around the world.

She is also a member of the Gauteng North Junior Tennis squad since 2019 and is a huge attribute to the junior group.

She enjoys a healthy lifestyle and is an eager athlete, testing her limits as she takes part in trail running, open water swimming , triathlons and the Comrades Marathon.

At Clubview Tennis Club we offer : Cardio Tennis on the hard court as well as Cardio Tennis on the sand!

What is Cardio Tennis:

A heart pumping fitness session of tennis drills; games and skills done on the tennis court; guarantee’s a fun workout for all. You will get to hit a lot of tennis balls during your class and have a great cardio workout at the same time.

What is Beach Cardio Tennis:

Cardio Tennis on the beach is an adapted program delivering the ultimate full body workout. Beach Cardio Tennis is a very fun, social activity supported by music. A fitness class for all ages, ability and fitness levels.

Find us on or contact Celeste at 082 789 2353

Celeste Riddick Cardio
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